Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blog Tip

CoupleConsider using a blog to track your vacations and life happenings with your family.

The new Blogger Templates and other free XML templates available for Blogger can be just the thing for friends and relatives to keep track of your family's latest activities.

Using a Google account you can upload pictures using Picasa web albums. Pictures can then be shared and downloaded by friends and family members.

Document your vacation. Share pictures of your pets. Use a blog as a single source of reference so you can simply point to one location and send an email to all your friends and family to read the updated news.

Use a Blog for family, use a different one for business, use another for your club activities, or create one for your hobby, and even local sports stuff. The possibilities are endless.

Consider a blog for your business in the local area or for world wide web attention.

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