Saturday, January 3, 2009

Internet Explorer Usage on Steady Decline

TG Daily - IE falls below 69% market share, Firefox climbs above 21%

While it doesn't sound like a lot, IE's decline is not good news for Microsoft.

Net Applications released updated global browser market share numbers today, indicating that IE is losing users at an accelerated pace. The browser's share dropped from 69.77% in November to 68.15% in December. Most rivals were able to pick up a portion of what IE surrendered. Firefox gained more than half a point and ended up at 21.34%, Safari approaches the next big hurdle with 7.93% and Chrome came in at 1.04%, the first time Google was able to cross the 1% mark. Opera remained stable 0.71%, but it is clear that the Norwegian browser cannot attract any users IE loses.

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The article has some interesting statistical data into usage on weekdays vs weekends and holidays. If IT departments were to install Firefox on more corporate computers, it is likely that the numbers would even be worse for IE during the weekdays.

I have to say, many of the small businesses that I visit, tend to have Firefox installed on their corporate computers. Large corporations are slower to change to Firefox. Maybe it is the too big to change factor for large corporations. The IT department doesn't want to make Internet waves.

It's interesting that people leave the corporate world and tend to switch to Firefox on their home computers. The consumer may be driving the corporate world on this one.

My favorite browser is Firefox. I also use Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, SeaMonkey, and Camino.

What is your favorite browser? Take them for a test drive today.


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