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Honda Accord Cabin Filter Replacement Procedure How To Instructions Guide

2000 Honda cabin filter replacement location? Cabin filters are located under and behind glove box.

Should you change cabin air filter on 2000 accord by yourself? Maybe, if you have the patience and can follow directions.

Does a 2000 Honda Accord have a cabin air filter? Yes, the 2000 Honda Accord has two cabin filters, inserted into two plastic housings, stacked on end with one another, with directional air flow important to note when replacing.

How do you change the air filter on a 2000 Honda Accord? One step at a time. According to Jim

Installation Bulletin #1B07


Honda Accord 1998-2002 Acura TL

Location of cabin filters:
Under the dash behind the glove compartment on passenger side of vehicle

Standard and Phillips screwdriver

To remove existing filters:
1. Open the glove compartment and remove the two locking tabs from either side of the glove compartment.
2. Remove four screws from the left, center and right of the glove compartment and close the glove compartment (Fig. 1,2)
3. Remove the access panel from the right side of the glove compartment.
4. Remove the two bottom screws under the access panel (Fig. 3).
5. Important Read Carefully Here: Remove the access panel in center of the dashboard console, under the radio (not really shown in pictures), by slightly prying a small screwdriver at the top right and top left of this center panel, and carefully pull back, so the bottom clips of this plastic panel come back towards the opening, and then remove the screw that is behind and on the right side of this panel (Fig. 4 actually shows removing the access panel under the glove compartment).
6. Remove the access panel under the glove compartment.
7. Remove two screws on the underside of the glove compartment and one screw on the metal bar (Fig. 5).
8. Remove the glove compartment, carefully disconnecting the light wire on the left side (Fig. 6,7).
9. Remove the remaining two screws on either side of the metal bar and remove bar (Fig. 8,9). (Do not remove the ground screw.)
10. The cabin filter access door is now visible, pull up on the door to release and remove (Fig. 10).
11. Pull out the first filter in housing and slide the second into the opening and remove (Fig. 11,12).
12. Remove the dirty filters from the filter housings and replace with clean filters, paying careful attention to the air flow direction arrows (Fig. 13).
13. Reverse steps to complete filter change out.

Honda Accord Cabin Filter Change Pictures
Download full Honda Accord Cabin Filter Instructions PDF file and print it out.
I also suggest downloading the very informative article with additional insights and tips of the Honda Accord Cabin Filter Replacement Procedure written by a reader of My Jot Spot. Thank you "G"

Notes: Make sure you install the filters in the housing properly noting both the air flow directions on the two pleated paper filters and the two plastic housings. (Do not throw away the plastic filter housings by mistake!) You might have to fit the end pleats carefully over the internal plastic housing clips which hold the pleated paper filters solidly in place in the plastic housings.

Also, make sure to clean out the internal housing area of the blower box with some form of small vacuum. Lots of debris can build up inside the blower box. Suggest turning on the blower fan at full speed, with the passenger door open, and allow all the debris to blow out of the fan box.

Estimated time to do the job right, from beginning to the end; one to 1.5 hours.

I am talking from experience. Just be sure to start the project when you have daylight, otherwise you are going to need a light.

When you purchase a replacement filter(s); I purchased ours at Kragen Auto Parts Supply store, the instructions were included with the filters. Two pleated filters come as a set inside one box. $18.99

Vehicle: 2000 HONDA ACCORD DX
Engine: L4 2.3 Liter FI
Cabin Air Filter: Particulate Filter; 2 Filters In Box.;
Standard Equipment.; Located Under Dash

Good luck.

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