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Honda Accord Cabin Filter Replacement Procedure How To Instructions Guide

2000 Honda cabin filter replacement location? Cabin filters are located under and behind glove box.

Should you change cabin air filter on 2000 accord by yourself? Maybe, if you have the patience and can follow directions.

Does a 2000 Honda Accord have a cabin air filter? Yes, the 2000 Honda Accord has two cabin filters, inserted into two plastic housings, stacked on end with one another, with directional air flow important to note when replacing.

How do you change the air filter on a 2000 Honda Accord? One step at a time. According to Jim

Installation Bulletin #1B07


Honda Accord 1998-2002 Acura TL

Location of cabin filters:
Under the dash behind the glove compartment on passenger side of vehicle

Standard and Phillips screwdriver

To remove existing filters:
1. Open the glove compartment and remove the two locking tabs from either side of the glove compartment.
2. Remove four screws from the left, center and right of the glove compartment and close the glove compartment (Fig. 1,2)
3. Remove the access panel from the right side of the glove compartment.
4. Remove the two bottom screws under the access panel (Fig. 3).
5. Important Read Carefully Here: Remove the access panel in center of the dashboard console, under the radio (not really shown in pictures), by slightly prying a small screwdriver at the top right and top left of this center panel, and carefully pull back, so the bottom clips of this plastic panel come back towards the opening, and then remove the screw that is behind and on the right side of this panel (Fig. 4 actually shows removing the access panel under the glove compartment).
6. Remove the access panel under the glove compartment.
7. Remove two screws on the underside of the glove compartment and one screw on the metal bar (Fig. 5).
8. Remove the glove compartment, carefully disconnecting the light wire on the left side (Fig. 6,7).
9. Remove the remaining two screws on either side of the metal bar and remove bar (Fig. 8,9). (Do not remove the ground screw.)
10. The cabin filter access door is now visible, pull up on the door to release and remove (Fig. 10).
11. Pull out the first filter in housing and slide the second into the opening and remove (Fig. 11,12).
12. Remove the dirty filters from the filter housings and replace with clean filters, paying careful attention to the air flow direction arrows (Fig. 13).
13. Reverse steps to complete filter change out.

Honda Accord Cabin Filter Change Pictures
Download full Honda Accord Cabin Filter Instructions PDF file and print it out.
I also suggest downloading the very informative article with additional insights and tips of the Honda Accord Cabin Filter Replacement Procedure written by a reader of My Jot Spot. Thank you "G"

Notes: Make sure you install the filters in the housing properly noting both the air flow directions on the two pleated paper filters and the two plastic housings. (Do not throw away the plastic filter housings by mistake!) You might have to fit the end pleats carefully over the internal plastic housing clips which hold the pleated paper filters solidly in place in the plastic housings.

Also, make sure to clean out the internal housing area of the blower box with some form of small vacuum. Lots of debris can build up inside the blower box. Suggest turning on the blower fan at full speed, with the passenger door open, and allow all the debris to blow out of the fan box.

Estimated time to do the job right, from beginning to the end; one to 1.5 hours.

I am talking from experience. Just be sure to start the project when you have daylight, otherwise you are going to need a light.

When you purchase a replacement filter(s); I purchased ours at Kragen Auto Parts Supply store, the instructions were included with the filters. Two pleated filters come as a set inside one box. $18.99

Vehicle: 2000 HONDA ACCORD DX
Engine: L4 2.3 Liter FI
Cabin Air Filter: Particulate Filter; 2 Filters In Box.;
Standard Equipment.; Located Under Dash

Good luck.

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  1. This is one of the best description for replacing a cabin air filter on a 2001 Honda Accord.

    However, I'm stuck on removing the access panel under the radio. Was able to pry open the upper corners but it seemed to require quite a bit of strength to negotiate w/ the lower clips (so that the access panel can be taken out). Afraid of breaking it, stopped the project on that failed attempt to remove the access panel.

    Could you be more specific about what is meant by the following,
    "... and carefully pull back, so the bottom clips of this plastic panel come back towards the opening"? Thanks a lot!

  2. I remember I had a difficult time at that spot too. That is why I mention to pull back directly toward the back of the vehicle. The clips have a tendency to hold tightly, and if you don't pull back evenly on that cover (underside of the radio), after you loosen the clips at the top right and top left of this cover under the radio, it won't come out. What you need to do is grab this cover panel under the radio and pull back evenly directly toward the interior of the vehicle. Try grabbing it from the left and right side with both hands. I think I recall I was able to get my fingers behind the panel and used my thumbs at the top to keep it coming out straight back. Do not try to pivot the panel by just pulling it back from the top. You need to pull it straight back. Yes, the bottom clips are very tight.

    I know it sounds a little confusing in that area, but you need to get that cover off first from under the radio in order to get access to one screw which holds the other under the glove box dashboard panel in place.

    Once again, I am talking about removing the underside of the radio plastic cover panel first. Then undoing the right screw underneath the radio which is holding the left side of the glove box panel in place. Once you do that, then the access panel under the glove box can easily be removed. If you don't do that first, you will end up breaking the panel under the glove box because the screw will still be attached from behind the lower cover below the radio.

    Hope that helps clarify the filter change process.

    Best regards,


  3. Thanks this is really helpful. But before I actually buy and do this change, does this filter get really dirty? Is it really worth the change? Just wondering...

  4. Hello Don,

    Yes, the filter gets filthy. Mine was almost completely clogged. In my opinion, it is wise to have clean air in the passenger compartment. I really do think it helps filter out the fine particulate matter. I have allergies, and I truly believe it helps me personally, to have the clean filter installed.

    If you don't change it, you will not have good air flow for the inside of the car. Things like the defroster and air conditioner will not function as efficiently with a dirty clogged up passenger compartment air filter as compared to a clean one.

    I replaced mine after a number of years and I definitely noticed an improvement in the air flow after changing it. The cost is not very expensive if you do it yourself. It really isn't as hard as it looks. Just take it one step at a time.

    Good luck,


  5. Hi Jim, Finally had another chance to attempt the cabin air filter change. Unfortunately following your suggestion on Oct 12, I still was not able to remove the the access panel under the radio, no matter how hard I tried to pull it straight back. It just wouldn't budge. Though I had enough of an opening (about 1.5 inch) and managed to unscrew the left screw behind access panel using a very small screwdriver.

    Now with all 3 screws removed (1 on the left and 2 on the right), the panel under the glove compartment still seems attached to something else on the left hand side and along the top edge connecting to the glove compartment.

    Is there a trick to removing the large under panel out? Bottom first and then Top? Right before Left? etc. Thanks again!

  6. I'm not sure what you are missing. Take a flashlight and take a close visual to see what is attached. It should be pretty obvious at that point. It's been some time since I did it myself, so there might be a clip holding the bottom panel in place under the glove box.

    Keep in mind, all of the steps have to be done in order to get full access. Don't try to take shortcuts.

    I suggest you print out the PDF instruction sheet and check off the instructions one point at a time. Make sure the appropriate screws are removed at each step along the way.

    When you get it out, you will kick yourself because it probably is something simple you are missing.

    Good Luck.

  7. Hey Jim, I was eventually able to complete the job though ended up breaking the lower left clip while pulling out the access panel under the radio. Wasn't trying to take a shortcut by removing the left screw w/ a small screwdriver --- it was just that difficult to pull it out.

    I'd offer the following to other readers of this blog:
    1. Follow Jim's instructions as they are the best I could find on the net for replacing Cabin Air Filters for 1998-2002 Honda Accord.
    2. I'd suggest you start w/ Step 5. If you can complete this step, you should be able to do the rest. This was most certainly the case for me.
    3. At least for my 2001 Honda Accord EX w/ Leather any way, there are 8 screws holding the glove box in place: 4 inside, 4 outside. THREE of the FOUR outside screws are actually located on metal brace between the glove box and mental bar below, somewhat facing the back of the car interior. The last one is the CENTER screw on the mental bar below. Some website have a picture showing the 3 outside screws w/ 2 of them shown perpendicular to the floor of the car; while the 3rd one shown on the left side of the metal bar below (e.g http://www.baldwinfilter.com/literature
    installation%20guides%5CPA4086.pdf). Very misleading.

    This is a much more accurate picture:

    4. Though you could replace the air filters w/o disconnecting the light connector on the upper left corner of the glove box, it'll be cumbersome to do so and more so if you intend to clean the interior of the empty filter slot.

    Thanks very much for your help. Even though it took quite a bit of effort and time, I had fun doing it not to mention the money saved for this and the future ones.

    ps. I have taken some photos of the process that might supplement yours. Let me know your email address and I'd happy to share.

  8. Finally! I just replaced the cabin filters on my 01 Accord. Thank you for the wonderful instructions. Let me say, it was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. I too was having the same issues others are describing. I was not able to remove the lower center console. However, I do have a tip for those that are still having problems. You DO NOT need to completely remove the lower center panel. This is how I did it:

    As described, pull back the top part of the panel. Then, instead of trying to pull it out, reach around the back of the panel and push the lower right hand clip from the back. It will pop right out. This will give you enough slack to remove the screw needed to remove the lower right panel. It worked for me and I didn't break any clips!

    Also, the lower right panel will not come out very easy. There are additional clips that hold it in place so you will have to play with it a bit. The clip on the lower left gave me the most trouble but with a little effort, the panel came off and the rest was history. Good luck!

  9. mottereRemember ... you will be taking out 9 screws only. 4-flat screws after opening glove compartment door. 3-button screws to remove passenger side knee cover. 2 on fuse box panel cover by door, (one of them is gold colored). and 1 below the radio after you remove the small panel under radio. And 2 gold colored screws on the bar after you remove the knee panel.// You do not have to remove the panel under the radio, just as long as you can remove that one screw. // You will have difficulty removing the glove box because of the plastic light housing on the left side of the glove box will catch on another piece of plastic frame. The glove box will move about easily once the screws are removed. But, the light housing will snag it, and it will seem that you did not remove enough screws. Not the case. Force it and when it comes out, you will see the abraded area on the light housing and plastic frame. I also had to force the box back in past that stricture when reassembling. The bright side = once done, next time should not take me more than 20 minutes for the entire procedure. // Too bad it couldn't be as simple as the Ridgeline... open glove box, slide and remove the 2 latches on the sides of the glovebox, flip box out, pull out filter, replace, reverse process.

  10. Thanks to Jim and the other posters to this blog for their mutual help on this topic.

    The main sticking point is removing the center dash panel below the radio. The upper right clip on this panel releases easily using a blunt (to avoid damage to the leather covered panel) wedge about a half inch wide and 3/16 inch thick and a couple of inches long. Just stick your wedge in along the right top edge of the panel and pop that clip out just a bit. Holding the right edge out a little with your finger, put the wedge in along the top left edge and pop that clip out.

    There is a notch in the panel at the bottom center which is about 1/8 in by 2 inches. Take a long shafted allen wrench and slide it into this notch then snug it up against the back side of the panel angled toward either the left or right bottom clips. Grip the shaft of the allen wrench with vice-grips and pull straight back to release one bottom clip then the other.

    Now that the mechanics of the panel release are solved, you can use any tool with similar abilities. Honda has a set of panel removal tools we don't have. So just be patient and make your own tools: No sharp edges; be gentle but firm. A teflon pot scraper is useful.

    That big lower passenger dash panel has six clips. All released easily for me except the bottom one on the left but I could flex the panel enough at that point to get back there and apply some gentle pressure with a screwdriver to release the clip.

    One reader used some force to get the glove box in and out. I recommend removing the large steel cross member that sits just below the glove box door. Be advised that behind this member is a thin delicate piece of plastic spanning the lower part of the opening that is the "glove box hole." With the large steel cross member removed (3 hex bolts on left side, 2 on right), along with the 8 glove box screws removed (4 in the box, 3 on the large upper steel cross member, 1 on the small lower steel cross member) you can pretty easily get the glove box in and out. That thin plastic span will flex to make it easier. Be sure to first remove the glove box light connector.

    Jim's right in recommending replacement. My vehicle has 30M miles and 8 years but it was filthy with low flow. I use A/C 100% of drive time. It took me 20 minutes to clean out the cabin air box with the blower on high. Again use a blunt (I used a long dowel with a shovel nose) tool to poke at the debris which will then come flying out. Wear safety glasses and close your mouth and open the doors! Use a strong flashlight to see in the hole and be careful not to damage the A/C unit. Use the same caution you would on refrigerator coils.

  11. Is it the same instructions for a 2000 and 2001 model? I can feel the cold air from the ac and the hot air from the heater but I am no longer able to adjust the airspeed it is stuck in the minimum position. Help!!!!

  12. instructions worked flawlessly...thanks a lot..

    One quick question though..can someone tell me the direction of air flow ...was it right to left (glove box to steering)?
    Reason i am asking is that to me it seems it was installed incorrectly by the dealer the last time they did it. and its not clear in the picture here.

  13. Glad things worked out for you.

    I believe that you have correctly identified the proper direction on the air flow. To confirm the direction of the air flow, simply turn the blower on with the filters removed, and note where the air is blowing from and the direction it is heading to.


  14. I am stuck in the last step. I couldn't remove the metal bar that blocks the filter housing. The screws on both sides are seized. I am having a hard time removing them. Can anyone help please?

  15. I just changed the filters in a 2002 accord. The biggest problem is the acess panel under the radio. The 2 clips at the back must be released by pushing them down so after releasing the front ones, hold the panel down one inch and insert a rod down to the clip. A flshlight will be needed to see the clips at back. The rod (I used a round wood 3/8 inch rod) can be leverage against ridge above the panel so you are pushing down at the back.
    Then it can be pulled out easily!
    I also agree that the lower panel clips can be tricky.
    It took one and one half hours to replace. Jim Johnson jrj2222@aol.com

  16. Jim,
    Just want to say that this was the easiest project on a car I have ever done. I could not believe how easy it was and Goodyear was going to charge me $180.00 to do this. I spent $18.99 on the filter and about an hour and a half of my time and it was done. These filters were filthy and I am glad I did this as I have my daughter riding in the car all of the time.

    Thanks Jim... Easiest step by step I have ever followed.

  17. This is one of the best description for replacing a cabin air filter on a 2000 Honda accord. I will be doing this on a regular basis from now on my filter was very dirty i cleaned that whole area out. thanks easier than a navair manual.

  18. I have a 2002 accord EX with leather. I had been thinking of replacing the cabin air filter, and figured one had to remove the glove box. What a punk way to getat the cabin filtering system. Must have been done for the dealers. I had taken my car to a firestone shop to get the oil changed. They said my cabin filter was dirty, they whanted $60.00 dollars to replace it. I just could not figure out how they removed the filter to look at it in such a short time, as I thought the glove box had to be removed. Now I know they didn't do anything, they thought I was just like bait in a fish shop. And no I didn't pay the $60.00. Like I told the guy at the counter I just wanted my oil changed thank you, and have a nice day. Thanks to this web site I will do it when I get my MOJO back. I just don't know how we got along the first 10,000 years with out the internet. Thanks JIM.