Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Ball Sure Bounces

Basketball Playoffs Are Exciting

Even if you know very little about the technical aspects of the game of basketball, (and I am placed in that group) the Warriors (#8 seeded) vs Mavericks (#1 seeded) have brought an excitement to the Bay Area that has not been seen for some time. Just when you think the Mavericks have finally figured out a way to have the Warriors play the slow paced Maverick style game and a way to win, the Warriors found a way to beat them at their own game.

Baron Davis had some of the most fantastic basketball shots that will ever be remembered. With the Warriors looking to go in at halftime down by three, Baron Davis shot a mid-court shot that bounced in off the backboard with no time remaining, to tie the score. Simply amazing...

Then when it looked like the Mavericks would take off in the third quarter, the Warriors clawed their way back, and in the last of the fourth quarter turned the tied, to come out on top. Simply amazing again...

This is more than a head scratcher for the Mavericks. This might have put the lid on the coffin. Can the Mavericks come back? You bet. That's why the Warriors coach Don Nelson speaks in tones of respect for the Mavericks. But, it would take the Mavericks to win three games in a row, to advance. Yep, the lid might be placed on top of the coffin, but it is not quite nailed shut.


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