Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Billion Here A Trillian There!

With the National Debt ballooning above 10 trillion dollars, what's another $1.8 trillion with the Fed?

Well, it certainly can't be real money, can it? After all, we haven't had a budget that has had a surplus in ages. We have had government deficit spending like money grows on trees. I guess it does, from the standpoint of all the paper that is used to print up the bills.

What do you suppose the passing of the Bailout Bill is going to do to the dollar's strength? Who knows, maybe in some convoluted way if might strengthen the dollar.

My conspiracy theorists say this whole situation that we find ourselves in was caused by the big banks, the Federal Reserve (which is not federal at all, but a privately held corporation run by bankers, and politicians that either don't know any better or on the take for millions of dollars themselves. See this chart of who owns the Federal Reserve Bank.

Take a look at the true cost of the 2008 Bailout Bill.

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