Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Short Jot About My Jot Spot

Well folks, if you haven't heard the news yet, Blogger FTP is going to be no more. That means, I have had to move to a new custom subdomain name for this blog. This blog use to sit at with FTP publishing on my server. I used the Blogger FTP migration tool to transfer it over. Now, it resides on Google's Blogger servers as

My main writings and blog can be found at:
Read about how I converted another Blogger FTP published blog to a Wordpress self-hosted blog.
According to Jim

Back to my Jot Spot at Blogger

The good points for my Jot Spot are that it should publish much faster with Google hosting it, as compared to FTP publishing with me hosting it; and in the future, I plan to use a new custom XML template design that allows for widgets and drag and drop section design and other cool customizations. For now, I'll leave this template as is.

I have a number of other blogs to move and update besides this one. Some of them I intend to turn into Wordpress blogs and am working out a few of the intricate file naming conventions between Blogger and Wordpress platforms. This requires a bit of changing things around so there is a somewhat seamless transition between the two. Files need to match between individual posts, archives, and labels. There are a few steps, each of which are different for each of those areas, that need to take place in order for all the files to still maintain their original file names and be either redirected to or rewritten in the correct form so the original links are not broken.

I have been working on the process details for the past two weeks, and learning the details through a ton of reading, experimenting, exporting, importing, backing up, and just plain trial and error.

I am just about ready to do a major import to a Wordpress blog. I'll let you know how it goes.


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